Main Event Club

Sunday 8.10. 12:00-14:30
Restaurant Preludi, Oulu Music Centre
Free entry
All ages.
Welcome to the main event club for a tasty meal, live music and plenty of fun for the whole family. Musicians will play traditional Irish tunes while you can enjoy a delicious meal or snack in a relaxed atmosphere. Please make reservations to eat or arrive early for the best seating.
- 12:00-14:30 Main Event Club at Restaurant Preludi
- 15:00: Main event concert ( & ) , Oulu Music Centre, Madetoja Concert Hall
Main Event Club Meal + Ticket to Main Event: 43 € / 38 €
*38 € with an S-Etukortti card available from Ticketmaster sales points.
Main Event Club Meal
*Couscous Root Vegetable Salad and Yoghurt Sauce
*Raspberry Marinated Vegetable Salad
*Homemade Bread and Spread
*Fresh Herb Flavoured Lamb Stew
Vegetarian option also available
*You do not need a ticket for the main event concert to attend the main event club. Tickets to Main Event are available at .
Dining Reservations: +358 44-7220492 or
Phone: +358 50 380 1908 | Email: | Brent Cassidy, Festival Director
Send mail: The Irish Festival of Oulu, PO Box 42, 90015 City of Oulu, Finland | Visit: Culture Centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7, Oulu
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